Agents management & monitoring system
Raise the efficiency and direct follow-up of the work of the agents
Dedicated to managing agents transferring in their cars, and providing all the functions they need in their work

About Agents Management & Monitoring Program

agents management software is a customized application that combines accuracy and efficiency to help mobile agents perform their tasks more effectively. The software provides high accuracy through precise tracking of representatives and their movements, enabling employers to know the number and value of invoices collected and processed and how customers interact with them. In addition, the program provides real-time receipts that help document transactions as they occur.

By tracking an agent’s route via Google Maps and measuring the time spent in each store, the software allows employers to improve work efficiency and better distribute resources. Thanks to these features, agents can determine the best ways and timings to visit customers, helping them make the most of their time and significantly increase their productivity. These dual features are part of a comprehensive approach aimed at supporting all agent operations efficiently and quickly.

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Features of the agent management & monitoring program

Accuracy & clarity

Know the number and value of invoices and the customers who sold them. Know the reference movements of the shops. Instant receipts.

Follow up with agents

Find out the agent’s route via Google Maps. Find out the time spent in each store.

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Work efficiency

Improve agent mobility efficiency by defining movement paths. Support all operations needed by the agent efficiently and quickly.

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